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Positive Attendance, Tracking and Security – A Smart Solution for Safety in Schools and Workplaces

Safety and security are critical issues in workplaces and on school campuses. The ability to restrict access and identify an individual’s location can provide an extra level of safety, as well as save precious time in disaster recovery situations. CMI Time Management has created a unique product package that addresses these concerns and offers additional positive attendance tracking benefits, all in an easy-to-implement solution.

With TouchTime®II, we create a smart system that lets parents and staff know exactly where a child or employee is at any given time.


Easy Installation and Implementation
CMI Time Management’s system is incredible easy to deploy. Each unit is equipped for wireless communications right out of the box, and only requires a regular wall outlet for power – no electricians are needed for installation.

With TouchTime II’s Windows 8 OS and wireless communications, the complexity and organizational effort required by an IT department is dramatically reduced. No special programming is needed to implement a campus-wide system.

Positive Attendance, Tracking and Security – A Smart Solution for Safety in Schools and Workplaces
Immediate Action in Emergency Situations

Immediate Action in Emergency Situations

A network of TouchTime II units offers unmatched safety features that can integrate with a facility’s security network to better protect students and faculty. Teachers can dedicate their full attention to the safety of their students, and students can protect themselves in situations where they do not have access to communications.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation – Electricians and additional wiring are not required, just plug into a regular 15-amp outlet.
  • No programmers needed – Windows-based technology allows easy implementation.
  • Ready to connect – WiFi-equipped out of the box, with Ethernet. Wireless communication is built-in.
  • Ready to mount – Units include an easy wall-mount kit, with a key lock to prevent tampering.
  • Multiple ID options – Barcode, card-swipe, keypad, mag stripe, proximity and biometric (fingerprint).
  • Facial recognition – The TouchTime II features a built-in 2 megapixel camera that is capable of capturing and recording images, providing the capabilities required by facial recognition software.
  • Easy on IT – Up to 99 devices require only one IP address, with battery back-up of data, so if the network is unavailable, data is not lost.
  • External USB drives – Easy external connections of peripherals, including printers for hall pass or report printing.
  • Range extender – An available option when another device is located out of the standard 300-ft wireless signal range (or 1 mile range if the devices are in the same line of sight).

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