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Workforce Management Solutions that Address the Dueling Issues in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers compete in an industry with dueling issues. On one hand, these enterprises serve as critical links in the supply chain. On the other, they deal with margins that are tight and constantly being squeezed, creating little room for error and an ongoing need to cut costs.

Whether they are employee-, machine-, or process-driven, manufacturers are always looking for ways to streamline practices and bolster the bottom line. CMI Time Management’s workforce data collection devices provide manufacturers with highly sophisticated terminals to streamline processes and drive profitability.

Workforce Management Solutions that Address the Dueling Issues in the Manufacturing Industry
Designed for Maximum Versatility

Designed for Maximum Versatility

Manufacturers use CMI Time Management terminals for a variety of applications, including:

  • Workforce Management – Our workforce management terminals provide manufacturers with an affordable means of cutting costs by providing time and attendance functionality, streamlining payroll, eliminating payroll discrepancies, providing a variety of employee self-service data to reduce the burden on HR personnel, and providing secure access control to high value equipment and inventory.
  • Machine Control – Many manufacturers use our data input terminals to measure machine efficiency and output. These devices can also be used to provide employees with training and certification updates on a regular basis. Finally, using CMI Time Management’s biometric readers, manufacturers can ensure that only authorized employees have access to expensive equipment that requires extensive training, thereby reducing maintenance costs and ensuring safety.
  • Process Control – Process control is used to measure and improve the output of manufacturing processes. By quantifying and understanding the status of employee and equipment productivity, as well as machine output, at all stages in the manufacturing process, manufacturers now have a cost-effective means of improving their business processes.
  • Access Control – CMI Time Management products can control access to locations, departments, and buildings using a variety of identification methods. Access control can be installed with security and IT department oversight, helping companies increase safety and provide protection.

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CMI Time's Workforce Management Products Include:

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